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Solving Indoor Cell Phone Reception Problems

The Problem

You need your wireless devices and services to work for you…anywhere. But when it comes to reliable indoor cell phone reception, your building works against you, absorbing radio signals as they pass through. Large buildings, such as warehouses, hospitals and factories, often have no cellular reception further than a few meters from the outside wall. So how do you make your laptop, cell phone, and other applications work inside?

The Seamless Cellular Solution

To make cellular work indoors, you need an In-Building Cellular System that utilizes RF equipment to distribute wireless signals throughout your facility. Seamless Cellular utilizes components from the world’s most reputable In-Building Wireless Amplifier manufacturers and designs and implements systems that provide optimum efficiency. Our systems enable property owners to install one wireless infrastructure that supports all service providers and frequencies.
Installation is a clean and simple process and non-intrusive to the building’s everyday operations.
Depending on your venue requirements, Seamless Cellular can engineer and install the right In-Building DAS Solution specific to your facility.

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Cellular Repeater Technology

How it Works

Step 1

A source, such as an outside Cell Tower or BTS provides the RF signal to the building through a rooftop donor antenna or wired landline connection.

Step 2

Front end equipment (cellular repeater / cellular amplifier) receives and conditions the signal for distribution throughout the building.

Step 3

The wireless signal is transported via cabling throughout the building to a network of discreet internal antennas.

Step 4

The internal antennas transmit and receive strong cellular voice and data signal for use by the end user.

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