In-Building Repeater & Distributed Antenna System FAQ

Do I still need 4G?

4G Systems are recommended is almost all applications. Cellular phones are manufactured by default to pick up 1 bar of 4G services over 5 Bars of 3G services. If you were to have a 3G only system and your phone picks up even ½ a bar of 4G service your phone will ignore the 5 bars of 3G service. Your phone could also drop the call from going inside to outside with switching from 4G network area to a 3G network area. (outside to inside). By purchasing a 3G/4G device you ensure that you will stay connected no matter what service is in your building.

How does a Cell Phone Repeater Work?

1. External antenna pulls the signal outdoors and brings it to the amplifier.
2. The amplifier then boost the signal from outdoors making it strong
3. Indoor antenna(s) redistribute the boosted signal indoors allowing you to use your phone.
You can learn more about cellular distributed antenna systems or Cellular DAS systems by visiting this page.

What is the difference Between Yagi and Omni outdoor antenna?

Omni external antennas pull signal from 360 degrees and are best used with good outdoor signal for all carriers.Yagi external antennas pull signal within a 90 degree beam width. A Yagi antenna will capture a weaker signal outdoors, and give you more control when balancing carriers

What is the difference Between indoor Dome and Panel Antenna?

An Omni dome antenna is a radius antenna and transmits signal 360 degree. It is best used in open areas. Best if ceiling mounted, however an L bracket mount is available.A panel antenna will transmit signal with a 90 degree beam width straight forward. It is best used in long hallways or corridors. Will mount flat to a wall or additional articulating mount available

How do I know where to put my outdoor antenna?

Place your antenna in a spot where you get the best signal for the best results. The ideal placement for an outdoor antenna is in an unobstructed spot on your rooftop away from any other antenna. Roof top locations work best because you get a better line of site to the towers. To find the local towers in your area. Please visit Also they do make various free apps to show you signal readings as well as local towers based on your exact location.For additional support please contact a product specialist.

How do I know the cellular repeater system will work?

All products come with a 30 day money back guarantee, and a 3 year warranty. Typically if you can get a signal outdoors, you can boost that signal to bring it indoors. However anything multiplied by zero is always going to be zero. If there is no signal outdoors our systems may not be the recommended solution for your building

Where do I register my signal booster?

All Cellular Carriers require booster owners to register their devices. Below are some links for the major carriers. (Note please use their logos that go directly to these pages)
Sprint –
Verizon –
T-Mobile –
For additional carriers please contact them direct for approval process.

Do these devices run off the internet?

No. These devices are separate from any internet based device, allowing you more internet bandwidth for your normal internet usage.

Can I get different components with my cellular repeater kit?

We understand that not all buildings are the same. One of our trained product specialist can be contacted to provide a customized quote based on the specific needs of your building.

What are the power requirements of the cellular repeater system?

The amplifier is the only device that requires power. Just a standard 110 outlet would suffice.

Is the cell phone repeater system easy to self-install?

All kits come with step by step installation instructions and are designed to be easily self-installed out of the box. Our trained product specialist are on call to answer any questions during the installation phase. Installation services are available by a certified technician for building or homes of any size. Please contact a product specialist for additional information.

Where do you provide installation Services?

Installation services are available by a certified technician for building or homes of any size throughout the United States. Please contact a product specialist for additional information.

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