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Cellular Coverage Where You Need It – Small Building Turnkey Cellular Repeater Systems

Whether at home or in the office, reliable cell phone coverage has become critical for all of our cellular needs, however, due to environmental factors we don’t always get the best signal indoors. A repeater allows us to overcome these indoor cellular issues enabling clear communication and reliable service.

Cellular repeater systems, also referred to as cellular amplifiers or cellular boosters, are designed to boost the outdoor signal and repeat it through a series of internal antenna into areas where signal was previously weak or unavailable. These small facility, consumer grade systems are the perfect applications for buildings under 20,000ft2 and homes under 10,000ft2. Installation can be provided by a Seamless Cellular certified technician or you can choose to self-install. Please visit our FAQ pages to answer some of the basic questions about our systems.

Our specialized staff will guide you through product selection for do-it-yourselfers, or assist in customizing a turnkey solution to meet your specific home or building needs.

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How it Works

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Signal boosters capture nearby cellular signals, amplify them, and re-broadcast the stronger signal to eliminate dropped calls and slow data speeds for cellular device users. Whether you need better cell phone reception for AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, Sprint, or any other major US provider, Seamless Cellular has you covered.

Step 1

A rooftop donor antenna provides the cellular signal into the building from the local cell tower.

Step 2

A cellular repeater receives and amplifies the signal for distribution throughout the building.

Step 3

The wireless signal is transported via cabling throughout the building to a network of discreet internal antennas.

Step 4

The internal antennas provide strong cellular voice and data signal for use by the end user.

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