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Cellular Repeater Systems

Large Luxury Homes


Cellular Coverage When You Need It – Large Luxury Home Solutions

Seamless Cellular specializes in providing a strong cellular signal inside large luxury homes where signal was previously weak or unavailable. We will design and install a home wireless repeater system to meet your specific wireless voice and data requirements, enabling you, your family, visitors, and employees to have seamless cellular coverage with instant access to essential wireless personal and business applications. Our staff’s extensive technical knowledge and state of the art engineering, coupled with our experienced and highly meticulous installation team, will ensure the quality implementation of an effective and trouble free system.

Pre-Design Site Evaluation

An in-building system specialist will evaluate the wireless environment of your home to determine the reason why a lack of cellular signal exists. We will provide you with a technical evaluation and recommendations before proceeding with your project design assuring you have a comprehensive understanding of the complete project and the approximate cost involved.

  • Perform signal testing
  • Prioritize areas of concern
  • Evaluate propagation variables
  • Determine cable paths and equipment placement locations

Professional System Design

Our professional engineering team will design an home cellular repeater solution specific to your home based on your own needs and objectives. A complete system schematic depicting amplifier location, cable pathways, and antenna placement will be provided to accommodate the installation process.

Expert Installation

Concentrating on precision and detail, our professional installation team will provide a stealth application which exceeds client expectations and performs at optimum efficiency. Seamless Cellular provides a 100% satisfaction guarantee offering piece of mind and assurance of an effective cell phone repeater home system.

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Residential Cellular Repeater System Design and Installation

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