Taking the Complexity Out of In Building Wireless

Our highly trained specialized technicians have provided cost effective in-building wireless coverage to thousands of companies and individuals throughout the United States, including numerous Fortune 500 companies. At Seamless Cellular, we are continuously expanding coverage inside facilities of all sizes, keeping people connected and optimizing wireless capabilities for the future.

Unsolicited testimonials make our efforts well worth the while.

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Cal State Long Beach

Just want to drop you a note that your crew completed the installation ahead of its schedule.I personally did the site inspection before and after the installation and the improvements are great!I did a total of 20 spot checks on the lower level and first floor and the signals are clear regardless of the call locations.I am very pleased with the results. If you ever need a reference for potential customers, let me know.I want to thanks your crew for the great job they did on this installation.

Steve La
Director of Network, Telecommunications, and Security
Information Technology Services
California State University Long Beach

Lima Refinery Testimonial

We just built a new large office building and the cellular coverage was terrible in all areas. We actually had to stand on an outside wall by a window to get a bar or 2 to make a call. I looked at a few different companies/technologies and one thing was clear after speaking to all of them was that Seamless Cellular were way more engaged in the technology and very knowledgeable in all areas. They followed all of our safety guidelines here and did a professional installation. They’re product works very well as we have complete coverage that is consistent and can also handle all of our cellular users with no bandwidth restraints. I will recommend this company to other colleagues.

Chad Piper
Senior Network Engineer
Lima Refining Company
Lima, Ohio

Axium Plastics Testimonial

The solution provided by Seamless Cellular was simply outstanding. We researched several Cellular boosting technology companies but none were close enough, cost effective, and willing to provide a guaranteed solution, as was promised by Seamless. Seamless Delivered what they promised. Our whole Axium team is very happy with the solution.

Ven Bhindwallam
New Albany, Ohio

Grubb & Ellis Testimonial

Everything continues to work flawlessly. Having cell service here has dramatically improved our day to day work flow and vastly simplified life. The install was thorough and professional and we’re very happy. Feel free to use me as a reference.

Mark Eshelman
Assistant Property Manager
Grubb & Ellis Management Services, Inc.
420 Fifth Avenue
New York, NY 10018

Revere Industries Testimonial

At first, I was a little apprehensive with purchasing a cellular signal booster due to the cost and having no prior experience with the equipment but I knew I needed something better than no signal. Almost immediately after the purchase was made, Seamless Cellular had their technician onsite and performed the installation. I was hoping to get about two bars of service. I certainly did not expect FULL SERVICE! We are in a metal building and the inside of the building where we had the booster installed in is a cinder block first floor and metal framed second floor and we still have full service. Don’t be afraid of the purchase price because it is well worth it. I would be concerned about the missed customer calls without the Seamless Cellular signal booster.

Mike Thornburg / Revere Industries
Sandusky, Ohio

ACMH Hospital Testimonial

I would like to thank you for your quick response to my request for help. I know you put extra effort into finding us a solution. That kind of effort is so seldom found these days. You understood the urgency of our problem and you responded with 110% effort in an expedient manner. I am out of the office today so I won’t be there to meet you and thank you in person. Please accept this message as an expression of my personal gratitude for now. If there is anything I can do to further express that, perhaps a testimonial, please let me know. In the meantime, I will let colleagues know about you and your company.

Dianne Emminger, CIO
Kittanning, PA 16201

Plymouth Tube Testimonial

Everything is working wonderfully. I have walked the area that is being serviced by the new system and I have full signal throughout the entire area. Additionally I requested that the local managers each let me if they have sufficient signal and they all seem quite happy with the results.Thanks for the excellent product and timely service and if you ever want a testimonial I would be happy to provide you with one.

Andy Anderson
Plymouth Tube Company
Streater, Illinois

USDA Testimonial

The system is working very well. Thank you to all that assisted with this successful installation. I feel the excellent communication and coordination with all parties contributed to this positive outcome.

Eileen Lund, Group Manager
Richmond, Virginia

CSG Testimonial

Bill, you did a tremendous service for me in helping me through this customer install. Because of the success of that project we are now engaged with some much larger opportunities that are more suited for our skill set. If the opportunity for a repeater installation job comes our way again I will surely reach out to you immediately.

Jay Moran
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Lincoln Military Housing Testimonial

Everything works beautifully and was installed quickly and quietly. I’m thrilled and will have lots of happy executives. You will be the first person I call if I need assistance in the future.

Mike Shelton
Hampton, Virginia

Alabama Homeowner - Linda Berryman

I just wanted to thank you again for your help in getting a system installed in our house that gives us full signal for our cell phones. It is so nice to be able to call from anywhere in our home without having to stand by a window and not move your head because you will drop the call. You were very professional and prompt in attending to our cellular needs and we appreciate it so much.

Linda Berryman


Working with Seamless Cellular has been a great experience. The team comprises of very talented professional who did bend over backwards to deliver the solution and in right time. I am highly impressed with their work management skills and their professionalism.

Nitish Dwivedi
Advanced Controls Engineer

Recent Projects

Solved: Southwire corporate office complex

With reflective glass windows deflecting cellular signal from penetrating the outer walls of the Southwire corporate headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia, Seamless Cellular was called upon to provide a multi-carrier DAS to remedy the concern. Having designed and installed a solution to provide wall to wall coverage of the 175,000 sq. ft. facility, employees and visitors now enjoy the benefits of instant access to essential cellular voice and data applications throughout the entire facility.

Cellular repeater project for Lockheed Martin

With quick response time being critical, Lockheed Martin turned to Seamless Cellular and procured a DAS solution that was installed and operating within weeks of the initial contact, assuring constant cellular voice and data coverage for those within the Dulles/ Washington, D.C. facility. Realizing the importance of the project, Seamless Cellular expedited a preliminary site visit, and then immediately proceeded with project design and proposal, enabling just-in-time product delivery and deployment of the install team the following week.

Voice and data coverage for Clinton Global Initiative

Bill Clinton spoke at the opening session of the CGI America meeting on June 29, 2011 in Chicago. With more than 700 business, government and non-profit leaders participating in the two-day meeting, it was necessary to provide clear cellular voice and data capabilities throughout the lower level convention area of the Chicago Waterfront Sheraton. Due to the buildings concrete construction and lack of lower level windows, cellular signal was non-existent indoors. Seamless Cellular was called upon, and provided a temporary multi-carrier cellular DAS which optimized indoor cellular and enabled members of the press and other convention attendees to remain connected and to transmit critical information.

In-building cellular coverage in Electric Lady Studios

With a long history of catering to the top music entertainers in the industry, Electric Lady Studios ( found itself in a pinch with the realization that cell phones did not work in their mid-town Manhattan facility. Jason Crane of Stoltz Management called upon Seamless Cellular for a turnkey solution, of which now provides multi-carrier cellular reception with full-bars throughout all of the studios enabling entertainers, employees, and guests to keep in constant contact with those in their inner circle.

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