Taking the Complexity Out of In Building Wireless

Our highly trained specialized technicians have provided cost effective in-building wireless coverage to thousands of companies and individuals throughout the United States, including numerous Fortune 500 companies. At Seamless Cellular, we are continuously expanding coverage inside facilities of all sizes, keeping people connected and optimizing wireless capabilities for the future.

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Unsolicited testimonials make our efforts well worth the while.

Read the Loon City Lofts Testimonial

Just want to drop you a note that your crew completed the installation ahead of its schedule.I personally did the site inspection before and after the installation and the improvements are great!I did a total of 20 spot checks on the lower level and first floor and the signals are clear regardless of the call locations.I am very pleased with the results. If you ever need a reference for potential customers, let me know.I want to thanks your crew for the great job they did on this installation.

Steve La
Director of Network, Telecommunications, and Security
Information Technology Services
California State University Long Beach

We just built a new large office building and the cellular coverage was terrible in all areas. We actually had to stand on an outside wall by a window to get a bar or 2 to make a call. I looked at a few different companies/technologies and one thing was clear after speaking to all of them was that Seamless Cellular were way more engaged in the technology and very knowledgeable in all areas. They followed all of our safety guidelines here and did a professional installation. They’re product works very well as we have complete coverage that is consistent and can also handle all of our cellular users with no bandwidth restraints. I will recommend this company to other colleagues.

Chad Piper
Senior Network Engineer
Lima Refining Company
Lima, Ohio

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